In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorites! Click the interviewee’s name for the full interview article.

    • [on joining a startup] “I look for someone who hits the ground running. Being a self-starter, enthusiastic, resilient, and always eager to pound the pavement — those would definitely come a long way.” – Natalie Koay


    • [on being a Management Consultant] “If you like solving problems, then this is a great place to work in. However, this is not for everybody. You have to be comfortable to change. Everyday, I come in with different things on my plate. It may be unpredictable, but I like it!” Julia Toadere 


  • [on choosing the next book to read] ““Go to a bookstore or a library. Spend some time picking up books and read through its summaries. Most of all don’t be afraid to immerse and fall in love with a book. It’s the best feeling in the world.” Dr. Natalie Neill

    • [on obtaining a degree] “We put ourselves in a box when we study for a certain degree. Once we graduate, the challenge lies in getting out of the box.” – Eloise Racine


    • [on branding] “Just remember that the ones who pay attention will do so,” – Dana Iskoldski


    • [on dealing with loss in competition] “You just have to move on to the next competition. Dwelling on loss won’t make it any better,” – Michelle Long


    • [on entrepreneurship]  “You have to be action-oriented. There is no room for passiveness. You have to be tenacious in the face of adversity.” – Martin Bathke


    • [on finding your dream job] “In general, persistence is key. Take time to build your skills. Network with peers in the industry you want to pursue. Dream jobs are moving targets. Don’t be afraid to chase it”. –Taylor Shold


    • [on working in the Marketing industry] “Be open to something different. You will be putting out a lot of fires in this line of work,” Leanna Sun


    • [on building your personal brand] “Know all aspects of your brand. How does your brand speak? How does it react to different situations?  What is the brand’s target audience? Once these questions are answered, create content to tailor your audience.” Anupa Badve 


On y va!



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