Go to the Hall of Mirrors! (I did not.)

Third day in Paris.

I got together with the French residents after lunch. Most of them knew that I am learning French. They put my French skills to the test by asking “où êtes-vous allé?” (where did you go?). I mentioned, in French, that my team and I have been to different tourist spots and restaurants in Paris. I also talked about my reasons for learning French — “j’adore apprendre et mon objectif est d’être parle couramment en Francais avant trente ans”.  It was quite intimidating to speak French but, fortunately, I was able to communicate some points and most of them helped me. I always ended up saying “Comment dire . . ?” (how do you say . . ?)

In this get-together, I expressed my desire to visit Versailles. All their faces lighted up. Maybe Versailles has a good reputation for tourists and has this grandiosity and attraction that Paris also delivers. My excitement shot through the roof when my French colleague, Nicolas, offered a ride and joined us to the Palace of Versailles! Of course, there was the added bonus of seeing this city with a French point of view.

After a 30 – 40 minute drive from Paris to Versailles, we finally arrived at this majestic place filled with tourists, vendors, and curious wanderers. Prior to this trip, I already heard some great news of how beautiful Versailles is.

We walked towards the entrance of the chateau. Nicolas asked the ticket vendors on how much is the cost to go inside. It cost 18 euros. As a tourist, you wouldn’t mind spending this much for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unfortunately, I opted out of this. Yes, I regret it until now. Let me explain why. Nicolas said “voila les jardins de Versailles. C’est gratuit! (Here is the Versaille Gardens. It is free!). Maybe that sentence completely altered my thought process of not going inside the Chateau. Don’t worry, Nicolas, I do not blame you!

Now, let me explain to you the reason behind the blog title.

I took a lot of photos of Versailles and posted it on Instagram. My sister commented on the photos. She asked, “did you have a pic at the Hall of Mirrors?”. I said, “no” — completely clueless on what the fuss was about. Then recently, I spoke to a friend regarding my trip to Versailles. She also had the same question and gave the same response.

Yes, I know that Google Images and other stock photos can satisfy my curiosity for these Hall of Mirrors. If I get the opportunity to visit France again, I’ll definitely go back to Versailles. I sure hope that entrance fee won’t double!

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