Jardin du Luxembourg — Do French People Sit All Day?

Thank you, Augustin, for these suggestions!

At lunch, I had a conversation with my French colleague, Augustin. I asked him suggestions on where to go for my last day in Paris. I’ve already been to the cliche popular tourist spots. He gave so many suggestions that I asked him to type it on my phone. I still saved it.

I only had the whole morning and a little bit of the afternoon left before my flight to Germany. I was able to visit Trocadero (the night before), Quartier Latin (I ate at a restaurant in this place) and the topic of this post — Jardin du Luxembourg.

I’ve never been to Luxembourg before but I’ve seen photos of the country. Upon entering the Jardin du Luxembourg, this is the first thing that came to my mind:

“Maybe the country of Luxembourg has gardens that look like this”

In these gardens, there were so many photo opportunities!

Maybe this garden is a snippet or a “sneak-peak” of what Luxembourg might look like in real-life. There were people taking photos, having a picnic, playing, exploring, doing a late morning run. The thing that caught my attention was many people seated in chairs — doing absolutely nothing. Well, yes, they’re talking amongst themselves or a few are reading their books. There’s a majority of poeple who were just sitting there enjoying the sun, watching their surroundings, and just . . . being in the moment.

When I was in Germany, the husband of my grandmother, who is German, talked about how the French like to relax and enjoy their time. I have not had plenty of time to really soak in and understand the culture of France, or Europe in general. Maybe this activity of “taking a break” is accepted in this part of the world — something that is quite rare and reserved for the weekends in Western cultures.

This is just a breathtaking shot. It’s beyond breathtaking when I saw it with my two eyes.

If that is the case, I do quite envy this lifestyle of the French people. Imagine living in Paris and just walking a few meters or hop in a few arrondissements away to enjoy the beautiful view of these gardens. I won’t get sick and tired of it, for sure.

To answer the question posted in the title — maybe they do sit all day. After all, I was there on a Sunday. These people deserved a break.

On y va!

Do you see those people sitting in front of the fountain? Those are what I call “stories waiting to be heard”

A great place for conversation!

I also took a seat in one of the chairs. This was my view.


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