[Chapter 11] Behind The Scenes with Taylor Shold

Our guest had one simple childhood dream: “I wanted to work for Hockey Night in Canada”.

I am beyond excited to introduce to you my guest for today’s post, Taylor Shold! I touched base on his media career, online community, memorable encounter with a hockey player, and working at his dream job (and how you can do it, too!).

Shold wakes up every day working on the sport he is very passionate about. As an Associate Producer for “Hockey Night in Canada”, he spends most of his time creating teases and montages in hockey games. “When you’re a kid, you don’t realize how much work happens behind the scenes,” Shold commented. Even outside his work, he continues to think about hockey, especially in his frequent posts on his Twitter account.

Shold created an online community and networking group for media professionals. This is his own sacred space where he shares resources, interviews, and gives opportunities for media professionals in need for hiring.

What inspired Shold to create a community? “Self-preservation,” Shold simply responded. I was, unfortunately, one of the last hires before my employer was going through layoffs and I was now in search of a new job. I didn’t know anyone outside of CBC and I wanted a way to meet new people in the industry”. One of the features of SMG is a feature called “SMG Profiles” – a concept very similar to “Walkin’ with Joaquin”. I asked him on how he chooses profiles to feature and the number of people he has featured so far. “There is too many to count [on the number of profiles featured]. Some people reach out to me. I also reach out to people I respect and have professional interest”.

According to Shold, SMG began as a personal website, TaylorShold.com. With the growth of content and team, he decided to make a transition. One of the recent upgrades to the site was to add video. “I reached out to my friend, Mike Valente, who is an excellent interviewer. He does the on-camera interviews and editing whil I work behind the scenes on building the SMG Brand,” Shold added.

Favorite app. Twitter (@tshold)
Book recommendation. Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.
If not a career in TV, what are you doing? “Probably a police officer. I like to help people.”
Memorable encounter with a hockey player.  “I got to go on ice to produce a feature for Hockey Night in Canada during a private skating clinic with the Vancouver Canuck’s Bo Horvat.”

Shold works in the TV industry where getting people’s attention is sacrosanct. I ask him about his thoughts and strategies on how to make content that makes heads turn. Taylor keeps his social media practices different for his personal and professional life. “Personally, a strong social media presence is important,” Shold said. He makes sure that the contents he produces at different channels are distinct and not intertwined. “Create content that people want to share,” Shold concluded.

“I currently a working at my dream job,” Shold wrote in his LinkedIn profile. With millions of people in the workforce who are in pursuit of this state (myself included), I didn’t want to pass the chance to ask him about it. “There’s always something to inspire me,” Taylor added. He continued with some sound advice on how to find employment bliss. “In the TV industry, it takes a lot of dedication. You might have to work a few jobs you don’t love to finally land one you do,” Shold commented. “In general, persistence is key. Take time to build your skills. Network with peers in the industry you want to pursue. Dream jobs are moving targets. Don’t be afraid to chase it”.

On y va!

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