That Da Vinci Code Scene (minus the running!)

Do you remember the movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s popular novel, The Da Vinci Code? It is the story that made a lot of noise in the news, especially in the Catholic community, because of how it portrayed the Catholic faith. Well, I am not here to make a defense. Plus, it was written more than a decade ago. The noise should have died by now.

Anyway, why did I bring it up? One of its popular scenes took place in the streets of Paris. More importantly, the Louvre museum played a vital role in the story. I was fortunate enough to visit the museum — minus the car chases and the mystery behind the Mona Lisa painting.

I went there with my colleagues in the morning. As expected, the place was packed with tourists, all wanting to see the magnificent structure, to absorb the culture, to view authentic art, and, basically, just to know what the fuss was all about.

It was my first time to visit the Louvre, with one exception: I did not go inside. Here are some of my reasons:

I don’t want to waste three hours waiting in line.

I’m fine with seeing the Louvre’s exteriors.

So many places to see, so little time!

Instead, I went to Musee d’Orsay where the lines are much shorter while still achieving the objective of immersing in culture and art. Maybe, by now, you notice that I am not an art aficionado. Do I regret not going inside the Louvre? Bien sur (of course). It’s the same feeling of not going inside le Château de Versailles. I did, however, have my own “Da Vinci Code” moment. The story revolved around the idea of mysteries, revelations, and Robert Langdon’s pursuit to solve them. To walk around its magnificent structure allowed me to lift its veil and reveal its grandiosity.

Another “hashtag blessed” moment, indeed!

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