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La Methode: Maison du 16th siecle

July 30, 2017, late morning

Flight to Dusseldorf, Germany in about 8 hours.

I returned to Paris after my teaching work in southwestern France. I had the whole morning (and a little bit of the afternoon) left to explore as much arrondissements as I can. After visits to Jardin du Luxembourg, Quartier Latin, and Saint Chappelle, among others, it was time for us to eat some dejeuner (lunch). I was fortunate to be with a French colleague, Nicolas, who gladly showed us the French bistros and restaurants we can choose from.

Salad with salmon

We ended up at La Methode, a restaurant near Universite Paris-Sorbonne.  The restaurant attracted a lot of tourists and regulars. We sat outside as our server handed us the menu. I was debating on two entrees: le canard (the duck) or le boeuf (the beef). Initially, I leaned towards the beef since I hear a lot about Beef Bourguignon as a popular French dish. However, Nicolas, strongly suggested the duck.

Amazing lunch at La Methode!

How did it look like? Voila. A dish that is portioned well with a salad, potatoes, and the duck itself. How did it taste like? C’etait genial! (It was awesome!). The duck was tender (the knife can pass through nicely, yet remaining firm). It had a smoky taste that blended well with the gravy. The serving size truly satisfies, even for the hungriest diner. It goes well with a glass of beer and great conversation with colleagues.

While I have yet to explore other restaurants in Paris (or in France, in general), my experience here in La Methode did not disappoint. A language barrier is not an issue since the owners communicated with us in English. We even had a conversation with a couple beside us who came from New York City.

The whole meal itself costs more than 20 euros. It’s a competitive price, but I considered this as “special occasion”. The owner handed me a business card. The restaurant details are below.

Address: 2 Rue Descartes, Paris



Phone number: +33 (0)1 43 54 22 43

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