Kylie Zamora (Toronto, ON)

Joaquin Paolo (Chino) has been an excellent co-worker. We worked together for over a year at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro in Toronto. I must say that he possesses a very strong work ethic. As I was overseeing my department (Backwaiter), Chino was one of the few people that stood out as he cared and showed passion in what he does. He was very determined when it comes to learning new things and he is always willing to help out others out of courtesy. He is a very responsible employee as demonstrated by consistently showing up early for work and completing all tasks that were assigned to him during the shift before he leaves. Also, Chino has a sense of integrity as he fosters trusting relationships with other colleagues and managers. In addition to that, Chino demonstrated great team work by delivering quality of work among customers and work with the rest of department to achieve success and meet company objectives.

Kylie was Joaquin Paolo’s co-worker and training manager (2012- 2013). Currently, she is working as a Human Resources Coordinator.

Thank you, Kylie!

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