Jose Bunag (Washington DC, U.S.A.)

I worked with Joaquin Paolo during our time together in our high school student government in the Philippines. He has a very upbeat personality that people tend to gravitate toward to. He has an adaptable personality in that students from different backgrounds and personalities are drawn to him and, in turn, can work together to achieve a common goal.

Joaquin Paolo also has a great drive to use his knowledge and skills to expand his passions. This can be seen be how his food blog has expanded since he started it. Since he developed a passion for food, I can see the dedication he has put in his mastery of his culinary skills that he wants to share with the rest of the world.

With his drive to excel as well as his amiable personality, any industry would be lucky to have him as a valuable asset.

Joaquin Paolo worked with Jose at their high school’s student government, Sanggu-HS (2007 – 2008) where Jose was the Chairman. Jose currently works as a Financial Advisor in Washington, D.C.

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