John Frederick Lauron (Colorado, U.S.A.)

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Joaquin Paolo (Chino) used to be a student leader during his high school days. As his moderator/adviser in the student government, I have witnessed how he influenced his peers to go beyond their comfort zone and pursue projects and activities that will help the school attain its mission and vision. He is a servant-leader to his people, an effective manager of tasks and a responsible student. At an early age, he demonstrated high level of professionalism and integrity. He is a visionary leader. His early exposure to leadership development program in high school is definitely a good indicator of his future performance in an organization where he belongs. He’s a team player. He anticipates what other people need and respond accordingly without being asked. He’s one of the best student leaders I mentored. He will surely be an asset to your organization.

– John Frederick Lauron
Joaquin Paolo’s adviser (2007 – 2008)
John is currently a Math teacher at Harrison High School in Denver Colorado.

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