Hubert Lary (Paris, France)

[Original recommendation available upon request]

I am very fortunate to have Joaquin Paolo (Chino) Arellano as one of my English teachers for the 2015 RACE Summer English Camp where I was the Program Director. He has my full endorsement because he demonstrates a great attitude, a superior work ethic, and the desire to learn and succeed.

When I met Chino for the first time in Paris, I can tell that he has a great attitude. he respects his colleagues, introduces himself with a smile on his face to new people, and a great listener. He also shares this great attitude to his students during interactions inside and outside the classroom. When he is not teaching, he interacts with his students over a game of basketball. During classes, he does not only teach his lessons but also the importance of leadership and teamwork. That is why Chino is much appreciated because he is a role model to everyone.

I witnessed Chino’s superior work ethic throughout the English Camp. He was assigned to teach History to high school students. He delivered his content very well, and always asked for feedback and points of improvement. His students enjoyed attending the classes, especially during a time when they are unmotivated to do school work. He made the class enjoyable by facilitating games and activities while maintaining a learning environment. He was very serious about getting the job done — he met the daily lesson plan deadlines, wrote exams that truly challenged his students, and doing more of what is expected.

Lastly, he always has the desire to learn. He demonstrates this ability both during and after the English Camp. He may not be a teacher by profession but he took the extra effort and time to learn how to be successful. He consulted me when he had issues on controlling the class, keeping the students motivated, and how to improve the marks of his students who are not performing well. Outside the English Camp, he continues to learn, particularly on how to communicate in French.

Overall, I am impressed by how Chino has grown, both personally and professionally. He is a young professional of holistic character. Any organization would truly be fortunate to have him as an asset.

Hubert was Joaquin Paolo’s supervisor for Club Fennecs’ (an organization for young gentlemen in France) annual summer camp. Joaquin Paolo participated in this event in 2015 (as a teacher) and in 2017 (as the Head Teacher and Program Coordinator). Currently, Hubert is a Mathematics professor at a high school in Paris.

Merci a vous, Hubert!


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