Gabriela Barneva (Calgary, AB)

Over the past several months, I had the privilege of becoming exposed to the #ChefJoaquinPaolo brand and of witnessing Chino’s amazing ability to create meaningful relationships with his clients by reaching out personally. As he approached me with a pitch, I was struck by his charisma and genuine interest in giving back to those who have helped him in the journey of establishing his name. Chino is a passionate entrepreneur whose talent is well apparent through the content published on his personal website – http://www.chefjoaquinpaolo.com/ – as well as through his strong networking abilities. His professionalism is evident from his style of blog writing, his e-mail content, and his continuous investment in the relationships he creates with the people involved in his creative business endeavour. Chino is a storyteller – the anecdotes under the CJP Stories tag on his website struck me as a touching addition to the rest of his work. He has a profound ability to connect and to evoke emotion through his stories, both written and those told through images. Chino is an entrepreneur with a vision and the dedication required to execute and develop a very strong brand. He is a businessman and a friend. I am fortunate enough to have heard about Chino’s personal and professional goals and am looking forward to seeing where this exciting journey takes him.

Gabriela is one of the followers of Joaquin Paolo’s food blog, #ChefJoaquinPaolo. Gabriela is currently based in Calgary, Alberta and specializes in Consumer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications.

Thank you, Gabriela!

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