Gabriel Alfaro (Madrid, Spain)

[Original recommendation available upon request]

[Chino Arellano] is a very dedicated worker who taught at a summer language school in Western France this past summer 2015 where I was Head Instructor of teachers. He created a curriculum for French high school students based on American pioneers in U.S. History. Chino was one of the best teachers engaging with students and challenging them to think critically and having them work collaboratively.

Chino was also very keen and attentive on learning new ways of teaching and pedagogy. He frequently asked for insight and advice on how to be a better teacher and be better prepared for class. He excelled in this through my teachers’ observations I made in his class and, moreover, he proved to be a popular teacher amongst his students. I am pleased and honored to endorse Chino Arellano on his future endeavors and he will be a great leader in any work capacity, especially in the education field.

Gabriel was Joaquin Paolo’s supervisor at Club Fennecs’ Summer English Camp 2015. This program is an annual program in France. Currently, Gabriel works as a Professor in Madrid, Spain.

Gracias, Gabriel!

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