A Night Excursion to Segre

The summer program has ended. It was the last night for the high school students. There was an awards night. I spoke at the first part where I awarded some of my students for their improvements in English, their ability to communicate in English, and their overall participation. A couple of years ago, I did the same thing but I stayed the whole ceremony. For this year, I expected to sit through the whole ceremony. After I did my speech, I was about to sit on one of the seats when one of my French colleagues tapped me on the back, motioning me to come with them. I didn’t understand where we were going.

Apparently, we were going to a night adventure. After all, it was our last night.

We already went to Angers a few days ago. We went to another city/town called Segre. I was quite exhausted at this point but I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to explore other towns and cities. It was nothing like the city of Paris but I wouldn’t miss soaking in more of the French air — on my last night.

We arrived at the area and did some walking. It was quite similar to Angers and it preserved its French architecture. Although the streets are quite narrow (or maybe the size is normal — Canada just has some big roads) and my eyes just kept rolling around — immersing the different sights, reading the store signs in French, and even got lucky to catch the Segre sunset.

We decided to spend the night at a little bar. The seats were filled outside so we opted for the table near the doors so that my colleagues can enjoy a cigarette. I asked my French colleague, Guillaume, on his local beer recommendations. He gladly ordered a beer for me. We sat around a table, shared our thoughts about the camp, played a little game of hockey, shared some laughs and finally called it a night. The beers just tasted good, especially on a warm summer night. I didn’t have any driving duties that night so I savored every drop.

Once we got back, I went to the theater where the students were watching a film. I decided to watch a little bit but my concentration was not in the film. I wanted to go to bed already but a part of me wanted to stay and enjoy the rest of the night. I gave up and headed straight to bed.

All good things come to an end.

On y va!

Night Cap

Segre Sunset


Segre Selfie


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