See what I did there? 🙂

Sunday is usually the lightest day of the week. The Director encouraged us to spend this day to rest, engage, play, and have fun! Unless sanctioned by the organizers, the students weren’t allowed to leave the premises. For us teachers, it was our chance to explore nearby cities and towns — as long as there is a car available.

Soaking the Angers view while waiting for our drinks.

Nicolas, my French colleague, brought us to Angers.

The altar in Angers Cathedral

I’ve never been to this city nor have explored southwestern France. As a tourist, one automatically associates France with the lifestyle, culture, and the beauty of Paris. When we arrived there, the place was dead. It was a Sunday — that meant all shops were closed. Our first stop was the Angers Cathedral. There were about 15 – 20 people walking around, taking pictures, studying the architecture and history, and, of course, praying silently. It doesn’t have the grandiosity of a Notre Dame. However, it also has this fascination consistent with European churches. I’m impressed by its preservation despite being built between the 11th and 16th century

After the visit to Angers Cathedral, we walked around the streets of Angers. There was not much to do since everything was closed. It was still an enjoyable walk because it was different from the cliche streets of Paris.

Then, the rain started to pour.

Luckily, we found a restaurant/bar. I also craved for beer. The server enumerated the beer selections, in French. This was how the conversation look liked:

Server (looks at me): Et vous? Que voulez vous? (and you? What would you like?)

Me (looks at Nicolas): Choose for me 🙂

*Nicolas proceeds to order my drink*

Server: D’accord, je t’apporte ca! (Ok, I bring that to you!)

Fortunately, there is good internet access — way better from what we have in the school. I took some photos, geotagged it, and posted it on my Instagram stories. After a few minutes, my sister replied: “Relax!”. I didn’t get what she meant.

I figured it out a few minutes later. I hope you got it, too. 🙂

What’s my take-home message on my short-trip to Angers?

  • France has some hidden gems (not literally). I’m glad to have visited this city.
  • I now understand why the Director wants us to relax on Sundays. Even businesses take a day of rest, too.
  • While I’m grateful of Nicolas’ beer suggestion, I wish that I mustered the courage to communicate my order in French. The server spoke English, but it could have been good practice for me!

Thanks for the great beer! I wish I remembered your name.

On y va!

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