[Chapter 1] Walkin’ with Joaquin: Shaunesy Dyer

This is the inaugural post of “Walkin’ with Joaquin” ! If you don’t understand why I christened it with that title, you should know how to pronounce my name.

What’s the idea behind “Walkin’ with Joaquin”? It’s simple. There is beauty and richness in ordinary conversation. Whether it may be meeting someone at a bus stop, or sharing a cup of coffee, or a weekend hiking trip — a conversation is inevitable. With so many people who I’ve had the pleasure of having conversations with, I regret not having documented or written about it. It’s not too late, though.


Have you heard of the Shapr app? It has a “swipe” concept — think Tinder. Then, remove the dating objective and replace it with networking. I use this app almost everyday. It has been amazing.

This is the app where I met today’s guest. What made me swipe right on her? While 90% of profiles on Shapr have a keen interest of “meeting like-minded people”, I was intrigued by her current work as a Business Development Representative.

Just a short back story: I’ve had plenty of interviews with startup companies for the Business Development Representative. The end result was consistent: “so close, yet so far”. I always fell short with my applications.

I wanted to ask about her experience, the process, and her career history — while enjoying iced coffee at a hipster-ish coffee shop. She gladly obliged and shared her thoughts. However, there were three things that caught my interest:



Shaunesy recounts a job interview that took 8 weeks to complete. With a long time frame, it involved many components — interviews left and right, assessment tests, and the perpetual “waiting game”. She also prepared for a promising job application. She spent three straight weeks polishing every detail of her presentation, following instructions to the dot, and impressing her potential employers — only to be responded with a condescending “okay”.


Normally, if you are in a group interview, you expect to engage and to listen. Shaunesy recounts a story of being part of a group interview where a fellow interviewee got caught in a difficult situation and was berated for a poor performance. I was surprised to hear this — it seems unnatural and unheard of.


Shaunesy shares her contentment in landing her current job. However, she still devotes some of her time working restaurant shifts. This begs the question: “Do you still get to take a day off?” — only to be responded with a simple shake of the head implying the negative. I admire her hustle. I do hope that despite juggling many commitments, she still gets to take a breather.

Thanks for your time, Shaunesy.

On y va!

A token of my appreciation. Thanks for your time, Shaunesy!



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