A Day At A Rich German’s Garage

I did some research on places to visit and things to do before my trip to Dusseldorf. I really had no idea what to do in Germany — other than explore its gastronomy. Google came up with a list of suggestions. Classic Remise came up on one of the top choices.

While having dinner, I asked my grandparents whether they knew this car museum. I told them that it was a garage that features a variety of European-made cars. From antique to modern that comes up with different shapes and sizes, I was intrigued to make a visit. While I’m not vocal about my love for cars, I’m in for a treat. After all, I’m in Germany — a haven for top car brands.

Funny story: my grandparents had no clue about this place until I mentioned it to them.

I was expecting a lot of people, mostly tourists, to be walking around and take selfies with these expensive cars. There weren’t much visitors. After all, it was a weekday late morning. This is one of my posts where it’s better that I show photos rather than keep rambling about my thoughts.

Just a couple of take-away points from my visit:


While most people were looking around and admiring the cars (myself included), I noticed a handful of people who were quite serious in inspecting and viewing the car selections. They looked very serious — asking the dealers about the specifications and having discussions with their colleagues. I don’t speak German so I don’t really know the conclusions that these people came out. I kept on asking my grandparents, “are they buying the car right now?” All of these cars come up with a hefty price tag. My grandfather even joked, “you should ask your father to buy you one of these cars!” I had no clue whether these people actually purchased these cars. I do wish for one thing — if you did buy those cars, please take care of them!


I heard these words uttered by someone while walking around the garage. This statement made me stop and think — “wow, with such hefty price tags, you still get to be choosy with your car brands!”. Then, I realized that maybe this person is speaking generally and not basing the comment on car selections in Classic Remise. Having lived in Asia and North America, I don’t see these European car brands used by people often. If ever someone drives a Ferrari, or a Mercedes-Benz, or an Aston Martin, I always have this impression that this person must be racking up the big bucks. Still, this comment made me chuckle!

On y va!

My grandfather’s funny antics!



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