#BucketList Moment: Be a Guest on a Podcast!

Thank you, Keri Roberts, for inviting me to be your guest on your podcast! Keri’s podcast is called “Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things”.

Keri and I connected on the Shapr app. If you are unfamiliar with Shapr, it is a professional networking app that allows you to connect with other professionals based on your interests. Once you fill up your Shapr profile, the algorithm will generate a “daily batch” of profiles that are aligned to your networking goals, interests, and location, among others.

Now, Shapr played a big, and serendipitous role, on how this podcast episode happened. One of Shapr’s feature is called “Teleport”. In “Teleport” you can manually change your location and network with other Shapr users who are in your chosen location. For example, I am currently based in Toronto. But, thanks to the Teleport feature, I can choose to change my location to Paris and network with professionals who are based in Paris (no boarding pass required).

I meant to “Teleport” to New York City. But, due to an oversight, it seems that I clicked New Jersey. The algorithm, then, suggested profiles to me who are based in New Jersey, including Keri Roberts. Fortunately, we matched (meaning, both she and I swiped right on each others’ profiles). This led us to network and exchange messages.

Eventually, Keri invited me to guest on her podcast and share my story . . to which I am eternally grateful!

Please enjoy my interview with Keri Roberts on the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things podcast! This podcast is available on your favorite podcast platforms — such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

I have embedded the episode below, for your convenience.

On y va!

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